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We actively partner with founding teams to implement proven systems and drive sustainable growth for long-term success.

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Welcome to Atlas Ventures.

At Atlas Ventures, we embrace the spirit of Atlas in everything we do.
No challenge is too complex. Our name symbolises our unwavering dedication to our partners' most grand ambitions and sets the standard for the effort we invest in every deal.

The name makes more sense now, doesn’t it?

In Greek Mythology, Atlas was the mythological figure who bore the weight of the heavens upon his shoulders. His story is one of extraordinary endurance, unmatched determination, and an unrelenting commitment to what seemed like an impossible task.

How we work.

Our approach is relationship & partnership-focused. We believe that good business is generated when all the parties involved are singing and marching to the same song.

We don’t have lock-in contracts, no minimum spending, and no nasty terms and conditions. We do damn good work for damn good people and we love it.


We develop comprehensive eCommerce strategies tailored to your brand, focusing on sustainable growth, customer engagement, and market positioning.

Market Research

Our team can conduct in-depth market research to uncover macro trends, competitor activities, and emerging opportunities, providing you with a competitive edge.


We offer comprehensive audits of your existing eCommerce operations, identifying areas for improvement and optimization.


Our team has worked with some of the largest enterprise brands globally. We can identify and cohesively communicate eCommerce solutions and benefits to boards and C-level.


We conduct interactive workshops to enhance your team's knowledge and skills, fostering a culture of continuous learning.

Email Automation

We design and execute beautiful email marketing campaigns that nurture customer relationships, drive sales, and enhance brand loyalty.

Paid Acquisition

Our paid advertising experts create and manage effective campaigns across Meta and Google.

AoV + Churn Improvments

We help you boost revenue sustainably by eliminating leakage in your existing systems.

Recurring Revenue

We implement systems to help you establish and manage subscription-based revenue models, fostering cashflow stability and growth.


We work on enhancing your profitability by reducing unnecessary eCommerce-related costs, enhancing pricing strategies, and improving profit margins.

Supply Chain

Our team of supply chain experts can help you identify the right global expansion plans, forecast demand and improve efficiencies.

Staff Improvments

Our partnership-based approach focuses on empowering your internal teams to tackle


Our partnership-based approach focuses on empowering your internal teams to tackle

Part Pay Solutions

Our solution partnerships with most major part-pay solution providers ensure we can implement systems effectively and timely.


We implement AI-driven tools and solutions ((Such as Algolia and Nosto) to personalize customer experiences, automate tasks, enhance decision-making and ultimately drive increased revenues. Suitable for brands generating over $5M annually.

UGC (User-Generated Content), Reviews & Loyalty

Project Implementations across the major review, loyalty and UGC programs are what we do best. We love Gatsby,, Loyalty Lion, Okendo and Stamped.

Deep Data & Analytics

Our deep data analysis provides valuable insights into customer behaviour, helping you make informed decisions and optimize strategies.

Platform agnostic.

Collectively, we have in-depth expertise across a variety of eCommerce tools, plugins and platforms.

We identify suitable systems that will make tangible improvements and implement them for our portfolio brands, saving them time and money on otherwise expensive and time costly projects.

As a fund, our primary objective is finding founders who are extraordinary and giving them ammunition to fuel the next stage of their business growth.

Let's work together.
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