Catwalk Rugs

How AR (augmented reality) reduced returns by over 85%!

Conversion Rate Optimisation
Paid Advertising
Shopify Development
Technology Integration
UX Optimisation


Catwalk Rugs is one of the leading Australian online rug retailers, boasting the largest catalogue of high-end, affordable rugs.
The company engaged Atlas Ventures & Studios to improve profit margins, without compromising their best-in-class customer service.

After conducting an in-depth audit, one of the pitfalls was identified to be the high level of returns due to wrong rug sizing.

Atlas Ventures identified and implemented an augmented reality feature (enabled by on individual product pages to enable customers to view the rugs in their own homes before purchasing.

This change was supported by a robust email campaign strategy and paid advertising, driving brand awareness.

The Overall Result?

Returns dropped by a staggering 85%, profit margin increased substantially and overall revenue increased by 45% since Catwalk Rugs engaged Atlas Ventures & Studios.

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